1. Rules of the Supporters Club as amended at the 2013 AGM

    1. The name of the Supporters Club will be Arsenal Gogledd Cymru North Wales.
    2. The purpose of the Arsenal Gogledd Cymru North Wales Supporters Club is to try and bring together all followers of Arsenal Football Club in North Wales in order to give them a better opportunity to enjoy the Arsenal experience. It will also be responsible for spreading the good name of Arsenal Football Club in North Wales.
    3. The Annual General Meeting of the Supporters Club shall be held between the end of the football season and the end of July in any year
    4. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be made to all Members and to The Arsenal Football Club at least 21 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. At least 20 or one third, whichever is the lesser number, of the Club’s Members will need to be present to form a quorum.
    1. The Chairman, General Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting along with 10 other Members to form a Steering Group.
    2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting along with a copy of the Supporters Club’s Accounts shall be submitted to The Arsenal Football Club within 6 weeks of the Annual General Meeting.
    1. The Steering Group will be responsible for the day to day running of the Supporters Club and will meet as required during the year. It will also be responsible for appointing officers to the following posts:-

    Home Games Ticket Officer
    Away Games Ticket Officer
    Web Site Officer
    Arsenal Merchandise Officer

    8.   An application for tickets to any match must be sent to the appropriate officer at least 4 weeks before the date of the fixture. In order to get a better chance of purchasing a ticket, a request for home match tickets needs to be made 9 weeks in advance of the date of the match.
    9.   Each ticket applied for must be made in the name of a Member.
    1. Full payment must be included with all application for tickets, or if the price of the ticket is not known a deposit of £30 for adult tickets and £10 for OAPs and Children’s tickets.
    1. Tickets are to be offered to the owners of the Membership with Arsenal Football Club that enabled the officer to buy the ticket for the Supporters Club, and then to people without any official Arsenal membership status. The tickets will be sold to the Members with the highest number of credits (see rule 25), though priority will be given to those Members who will be applying for tickets for the first time during the current season to a category B match, except for the last 4 league games of the season or for any semi-final or final of any cup competition.
    2. Any Members under the age of 16 who are allocated a ticket must be accompanied by a ticket bearing adult or guardian.
    3. If a Member cannot go to a match for any reason, the ticket must be offered to another Member of this Supporters Club. If the Supporters Club cannot re-sell the ticket, no refund will be given to the Member who originally applied for the ticket.
    1. £5.00 will be added to the price of a ticket if it is bought by a person who is not a member of the Supporters Club, unless they are buying a spare ticket. The non-member must be issued with a temporary membership card in case of being challenged by a steward.
    2. Smoking will not be allowed on any coach trip organised by the Club
    3. The drinking of alcohol will not be allowed on any coach trip organised by the Club.
    4. The Steering Group shall have the authority to cancel the membership of any person who breaks any of these rules or whose actions or behaviour shall be considered to be not in the best interest of the Supporters Club whilst on any of its trips, or they are using a ticket bought through the Supporters Club (see rule 26).
    1. An Extraordinary General Meeting, having the powers and appropriate conditions of an Annual General Meeting, shall be called at the written request of 8 Club Members or at any time the Steering Group shall deem it necessary.
    2. Proposals for amendments to the rules of the Supporters Club by the Steering Group shall be recorded in the minutes of a meeting of the Steering Group held at least 21 days before an Annual General Meeting.
    3. Any proposals to amend the rules of the Supporters Club by other Members must be made in writing to the General Secretary at least 21 days before an Annual General Meeting.
    1. A Membership Fee discount of £5 is allowed to Members that are also Gold, Silver or Junior Gunner Members with Arsenal Football Club.
    2. If the Supporters Club have arranged a bus to a match, everyone who has bought a ticket and will not be travelling on the bus will be charged £5 as a contribution towards the cost of the bus.
    3. Supporters of other football teams may come to matches as guests of members of the Supporters Club, but not to games between Arsenal and the team that they support, or to matches when it would be advantageous to that team if Arsenal lost to the opposing side of the day.
    4. Full payment must be received at the time of ordering a ticket for any of Arsenal’s last 4 league games in any given season.
    5. The Supporters Club will use the number of games attended by Members during the previous season and the current season to calculate their total number of credits.
    6. A Member will have a right to appeal against any disciplinary decision made by the Steering Committee. Any appeal will have to be presented in writing to the General Secretary within 14 days of the date of the letter informing him/her of the Steering Committee’s decision.
    7. 5 Members will be chosen in the Annual General Meeting to be available to sit on any Appeal’s Panel. No Member of the Steering Committee will be allowed to sit on an Appeal’s Panel. 3 of the 5 Members will be chosen to sit on any Appeal’s Panel. The General Secretary will also be present to take the minutes, and will not be allowed to vote or influence the Panel’s decision in any way.
    8. The Supporters Club will not take responsibility for any travelling expenses incurred            by any Member of the Supporters Club, if that Member has not been successful for         whatever reason, in purchasing a ticket for any match through the Supporters Club.


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